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Page updated: 8-8-12

This section of photos includes historical photos of the Tonopah & Tidewater Railroad. The owner of these photos, Dutch Hendricks, asked me to make copies of the original pictures back in the 1960's. He rescued these photos from the wife of the photographer who was in the process of disposing of  them. Together with Dutch, I made two slides of each photo. One copy went to Dutch and with his permission, I retained the other. Some of these photos were subsequently published in railroad books over the years after being sold off by Dutch to other parties. Many of the following photos have never been published . After recently obtaining a dedicated slide scanner, I was able to restore many of these photos and the following is a result of that endeavor. 

Many of the photos were taken in and around the town of Ludlow ,California. The pictures should afford a fascinating insight into the life of railroading in the deserts of California and Nevada around the turn of the century. There are  75 photos in this series. 


Also in this section, I have posted a series of photos found in swap meets, antique stores and other assorted places. I have no information on these photos but find them an interesting look into the past. 

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