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Page updated: 8-27-17

   Featured Travel & Scenery Photo  

   Patrick's Point State Park, California  

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      Road trip from Glendora, California to Clackamas, Oregon, July, 2013 

   Solvang, California  

   Cambria, California  

Nit Wit Ridge


East Village


Ragged Point



   San Francisco, California  

The Golden Gate

San Francisco


   California Redwoods  

Richardson Grove State Park


The Legend of Bigfoot

   Ferndale, California  

   Patrick's Point State Park, California  

   Brookings, Oregon  

   Gold Beach, Oregon  

   Port Orford, Oregon  

   Lake Marie, Oregon  

See if you can find the "uninvited guest" in the first photo.

   Newport, Oregon  

   Lincoln City, Oregon  

   Columbia River Gorge  

   Clackamas County Lion  

A wild and dangerous beast that will attack, unprovoked, and without warning.  Capable of inflicting painful wounds.